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GWT Designer is now free! Yippee!

GWT Designer is a powerful UI development tool for GWT. It is based on the Eclipse framework. Initially a paid tool, it has been re-launched as a free product after Google’s acquisition’s of Instantiations. Read further for details… Continue reading

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GWT-Ext – Synchronized Scrolling of Grids

I recently had a requirement wherein two grids showing similar information needed synchronized scrolling i.e. if the left grid was scrolled down vertically, the right grid also needed to be scrolled down in the same proportion and vice-versa. This feature … Continue reading

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Background colour for GWT-Ext Grid row

Here I describe how to set the background colour of a GWT-Ext grid row. A simple use of this would be to highlight a row containing errors. You would need to attach a GridView instance to the grid.  private EditorGridPanel … Continue reading

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